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About AgForce Queensland

AgForce Queensland is a peak organisation representing Queensland's rural producers, which strives to ensure the long term growth, viability, competitiveness and profitability of broad acre industries of cattle, grain, sheep and wool in Queensland.

AgForce promotes and protects the social fabric and economic prosperity of its members and rural communities in Queensland.

AgForce and Nature Refuges

AgForce supports the Queensland Government’s Nature Refuge Program and recognises the vital role which Queensland landholders play in the protection of significant natural and cultural values on their properties

Nature refuges are voluntary agreements negotiated individually between the landholder and the State Government and provide for the continuation of sustainable production while protecting biodiversity in perpetuity.

Nature refuges were first established under Queensland’s Nature Conservation Act 1992 as a class of protected area.

In many cases, nature refuges provide a valuable wildlife corridor between other protected areas such as national parks and state forests. Each nature refuge agreement is negotiated individually between the landholder and State Government so that management requirements (eg. pest and weed control, timber management etc.) can be taken into account.  The landholder still retains ownership and management, and there is no change to public access.

Since 2007, when AgForce began to publicly support the Nature Refuges Program, demand by landholders to enter into nature refuge agreements has increased exponentially.

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